How Do I connect to Zwift or Peloton Using Bluetooth FTMS or a Bluetooth Heart Rate Strap?

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A. Zwift app connectivity 

i. The 2020 Studio Series treadmills, 7.0AT-03, 7.4AT-02, and 7.8AT-02, include the universal Bluetooth FTMS protocol that is used to send and receive data with fitness apps. To pair your Horizon treadmill to Zwift, simply turn your treadmill on and open the Zwift app on your tablet or phone and go to the pairing screen. Make sure you are in the RUN section, not RIDE. Click on the treadmill image to pair and select your Horizon treadmill from the list. 

ii. You can also pair the Bluetooth heart rate chest strap that is included with the Horizon 7.4.AT-02 and 7.8AT-02 on the same screen. You may need to slightly dampen the electrodes on the chest strap before using to pick up your heart rate and allow it to transmit to the app. 

iii. A cadence sensor or foot pod is not necessary to use Zwift with your Horizon Studio Series treadmill, though some people may be interested in purchasing it as a separate accessory if cadence feedback is important to their training approach. 

For more information on pairing devices with Zwift, go to: 


B. Peloton app connectivity 

i. The latest Horizon Studio Series treadmills feature enhanced connectivity using Bluetooth FTMS with the Peloton App+. See live workout feedback, leaderboard performance and more. For detailed pairing instructions for the 7.0AT-04, 7.4AT-04 and 7.8AT-04 visit the pairing instruction page. 

ii. The 2020 Studio Series 7.4AT-02 and 7.8AT-02 treadmills include a Bluetooth heart rate chest strap that will pair directly with the Peloton Digital iOS app. While wearing the chest strap, the Peloton app will pick up your heart rate signal automatically; however, you may need to slightly dampen the electrodes on the chest strap before using to pick up your heart rate and allow it to transmit to the app. 

iii. If it is not transmitting to the app, check to ensure that it is not already transmitting to another device or app, including the AFG Pro app. Close all other connected apps and then re-open the Peloton app to pick up the chest strap signal.  

For more information on pairing your Bluetooth heart rate monitor to Peloton, click here: 

For a video on connecting, click here.


C. Horizon Bluetooth heart rate chest strap 

i. Included with the 7.4AT-02 and 7.48T-02 

ii. Connects directly to the Peloton Digital iOs app, Zwift, or other heart rate based training apps. 

iii. To transmit the HR signal from the chest strap to your Horizon treadmill instead of to an app on your personal device, hold down the Bluetooth button for 5 seconds and it will switch to the mode to receive the signal. Note that in the “receive” mode the treadmill cannot push data out to other apps (i.e., speed to Zwift). While using Zwift both the treadmill and the HR strap should be connected directly to the Zwift app. To switch the treadmill back to “app” mode, hold down the Bluetooth button for another 5 seconds.  

iv. Can be purchased separately to work with the T303 and 7.0AT-03 

v. Adding the chest strap to the 7.0AT-03 will give users the full Studio Series connectivity experience. 

vi. Adding the chest strap to the T303 will provide HR connectivity to the Peloton Digital iOS app, but the T303 will not work with Zwift as it does not have the Bluetooth FTMS protocol needed to transmit speed. 

vii. Not recommended for the T101, which is not an advanced Bluetooth Smart treadmill. 


For a video on how to connect the Bluetooth heart rate chest strap, please see: 7.0AT Heart Rate Strap Pairing


*For questions on our AFG Pro app, please see our article here.

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