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Why is the bike I purchased louder than the one at the store?

All fitness products seem quieter in a large store showroom because there is generally more background noise than in your home. Also, there will be less reverberation on a carpeted concrete floor than on a wood overlay floor. Sometimes a heavy rubber mat or fitness mat will help reduce reverberation through the floor. If a fitness product is placed close to a wall, there will be more reflected noise.

Why is there a grinding noise when I pedal?

This is typically caused when a drive belt is misaligned or going bad. Contact Customer Technical Support at techsupport@horizonfitness.com (warranty) or Parts@horizonfitness.com (out of warranty) to schedule service. Please have your serial number handy.

Why won’t the left pedal stay tight?

The user left pedal is reverse-threaded, just like a street bike. If the pedal constantly comes loose, remove the pedal, then apply blue thread locker to the pedal thread and reinstall. Please see Indoor Cycle and Exercise Bike Care and Maintenance for more information.

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