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Are the sounds my elliptical makes normal?

If you have a tracked elliptical, you may hear and possibly feel the wheels rolling over the track. As you continue your workout the noise may dissipate but not completely go away. This is normal for a tracked elliptical. It’s important to make sure to keep the track and wheels clean and free of debris.

For a video on Home Elliptical Noise Troubleshooting, please click here.

If you have an older unit, please click here for a video on Elliptical Noise Troubleshooting.

Why is the elliptical/ascent I purchased louder than the one at the store?

All fitness products seem quieter in a large store showroom because there is generally more background noise than in your home. Also, there will be less reverberation on a carpeted concrete floor than on a wood overlay floor. Sometimes a heavy rubber mat or fitness mat will help reduce reverberation through the floor. If a fitness product is placed close to a wall, there will be more reflected noise.

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