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Are the sounds my treadmill makes normal?

All treadmills make a certain type of thumping noise due to the belt riding over the rollers, especially new treadmills. This noise will diminish over time, although it may not totally go away.

Why is the treadmill I purchased louder than the one at the store?

All fitness products seem quieter in a large store showroom because there is generally more background noise than in your home. Also, there will be less reverberation on a carpeted concrete floor than on a wood overlay floor. Sometimes a heavy rubber mat or fitness mat will help reduce reverberation through the floor. If a fitness product is placed close to a wall, there will be more reflected noise.

When should I be worried about a noise?

If you can also feel the noise, it typically means something has come loose or there is a foreign object touching the running belt. Always check for loose hardware and check under your treadmill for foreign objects.

Why does my treadmill make a creaking noise when inclining?

This is typically caused by dry joints on the elevation rack or a dry incline motor screw. Please refer to the Care and Maintenance article, sub-section Preventive Maintenance, for how to lubricate those items.

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