Caring for the Deck and Belt

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Always power off the treadmill and disconnect the power cord from the outlet before performing these tasks.

Running Deck

  • With a dry cloth, wipe the side rails and any exposed parts of the running deck. Do not get the running deck wet as it can cause irreversible damage.
  • Vacuum under the treadmill at minimum every month. More frequent if placed on hard surfaces or if pets are in the home.

Running Belts

  • Clean the top surface as needed using a soap and water solution (1:10) and bristled scrub brush. Place a towel on the floor under the rear roller to catch any excess solution. Spray solution on the brush and scrub. Turn the belt with your foot or hand to expose a new surface. Be careful not to get water on the deck. Belts must be completely dry before using. DO NOT perform this cleaning technique on the underside of the belt (the side that touches the deck).

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