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Once the treadmill is positioned where it will be used, the running belt must be checked for proper tension AND alignment (centering). It’s recommended to check the belt tension and alignment after the first week of use. Temperature and humidity can cause the belt to stretch at different rates. If the belt starts to slip or is drifting to one side of the running deck, follow the steps below to make the adjustment needed.

Running Belt Tensioning

Find the two hex head bolts in the end caps adjust the rear roller position. To move the roller out (closer to you), turn both clockwise using the t-handle wrench. This will add tension to the running belt. In turn, adjusting the 2 bolts counterclockwise will move the roller in, removing tension from the running belt. It’s important to adjust each bolt the same amount of turns to keep the belt centered on the running deck. It’s recommended to make ¼ to ½ turns at a time when adjusting.

This belt can stretch some over its lifetime. It’s recommended to check tension after the first week of use, then monthly during the preventive maintenance tasks.


  1. Make sure the treadmill is on a level surface. If not, level the treadmill.
  2. Press Go on the treadmill and adjust speed to 3mph/4.8kph.
  3. Walk on the treadmill belt. Once you are comfortable and balanced, stomp your foot on the belt. You are emulating a runner with a heavy foot. Does the belt stop or hesitate?
    • If yes, tension needs to be added. Do this by turning both roller bolts clockwise described above then repeat Step 2.
      • i. The belt can be adjusted while it is moving if you are careful.
    • If no, no adjustments are needed, meaning the belt is tensioned properly and the process is complete.


Running Belt Alignment

Find the two rear roller bolts in the end caps adjust the rear roller position. To align the belt to the center of the running deck, using the t-handle wrench turn bolt on the side that the belt moved and turn clockwise. In other words, if you want to move the belt to the right, turn the left bolt counterclockwise (see image below). A ¼ - ½ turn will move the belt quite a bit.


  1. Press Go on the treadmill and adjust speed to 3mph/4.8kph. You can use higher speeds to allow the belt to walk side to side faster.
  2. Move/adjust the belt by turning the roller bolts clockwise or counterclockwise as described above.
  3. Watch the belt move to the center of the deck (increasing the speed allows the belt to adjust left or right quicker).
  4. Repeat until belt is centered on the deck.


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