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All treadmills come with a t-handle wrench to be used to make running belt adjustments. Treadmills with silicone running surfaces also come with a 40ml bottle of silicone (1-2 applications). Additional bottles can be ordered through Johnson Health Tech by contacting Customer Technical Support at (warranty). They can also be purchased by visiting (US) or (Canada).
Part #: 40ml bottle - # 1000092805 (1-2 applications)

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For Purchase Supplies
Lubricating a treadmill that has a silicone running surface is key for performance and longevity. In the section Running Deck/Belt Lubrication – for Silicone Surfaces ONLY, you will see 2 ways to lubricate the running surface using the silicone that comes with your treadmill. Procedure 1 shows how to apply the silicone using the silicone that comes with the treadmill. Procedure 2 shows how to apply the silicone using a syringe applicator that can be purchased at places like Amazon and other for purchase silicone lubricants can also be found in the Running Deck/Belt Lubrication section.

Click this link to see the applicator: Silicone Applicator.



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