How to Change Treadmill from Miles/Pounds to Kilometers/Kilograms?

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Use this guide to change your Horizon Fitness Treadmill from MI to KM.   



Models T101, T202, T303, 7.0AT or 7.0AT-03, 7.4AT or 7.4AT-02, Elite T5, Elite T7, Elite T9: 

1) Press and hold the Incline Up (+) and Speed Down (-) keys simultaneously for 3-5 seconds.   

2) Use the Speed keys to navigate to ENG3 and hit Enter or the Push to Select button.

3) Scroll to P1 and hit Enter 

4) Choose miles or kilometers 

5) Press and hold Stop for 3 seconds to save and exit

Models 7.0AT-04, 7.4AT-04, and Model 7.8AT (all newer versions): 

1) Hold the highest incline (15%) and the highest speed (12%) buttons simultaneously. 

2) Use the dial to select ENG3 

3) Scroll to P1 and press the Push to Select Button

4) Scroll to miles or kilometers 

5) Press the Push to Select button to save the change
6) Press and hold Stop to exit

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