What Treadmill is Best For Me?

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The best treadmill provides the technology and power you need to reach your fitness goals. Before you decide what treadmill is best for you, there are a few key questions to ask yourself: 

  • What will I be using it for? Walking? Light jogging? Running regularly? 
    • Walkers will enjoy the compact affordability of the Go Series Treadmills, while regular runners will appreciate the larger deck and drive system of the Studio Series Treadmills.
  • Are there multiple household members that will be using the treadmill? 
    • If you have multiple household users, look towards the Studio Series Treadmill lineup for a more robust frame and deck combination for enhanced durability. 
  • What’s the weight capacity, and will that accommodate the heaviest household user? 
  • Have I measured the available space in my home to make sure the treadmill will fit where I want it?  
    • Assembled dimensions are available on each product page. You’ll want to make sure there is plenty of space around the treadmill as well - add 2 feet of open space on either side, 1 foot of open space in front of the unit and 3 feet of space behind the unit. 
    • Don’t forget the ceilings! Take the step-on height of the treadmill, plus the height of the tallest household user. Add about 12” to that total for the recommended ceiling height for comfortable clearance.  
  • Do you use fitness apps to keep motivated?
    • Look for treadmills with Advanced Bluetooth for enhanced connectivity. 

Our Go Series Treadmills combine affordability and compact power to keep you moving from walking to jogging to running. Check out the link below and scroll to the bottom to compare the units in this series. 


Our Studio Series Treadmills provide extra durability with larger rollers, QuickDial™ controls for rapid changes to incline/decline and speed, with more the exclusive Rapid Sync™ drive system to respond quickly to your activity.  Studio Series Treadmills are performance treadmills, engineered for interval training, long runs, and streaming cardio classes. Learn more: 


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