How to Move a Treadmill

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1). Disconnect all power and remove the safety key before moving your equipment for safety.  

2). Measure. You may need to remove doors and jambs if you are moving it out of the room in which it was assembled. 

3). If your unit is too wide to fit through a doorframe once assembled, you may locate the manual to disassemble the handrails. 

4). Carefully pack your unit for transit by covering with cushioning material to prevent damage. 

5). Our units are heavy; use care and additional help, if necessary, when moving. You may use a furniture dolly to prevent back strain or injury.  

6). Place units in the upright, folded position with the lock-latch secured. Failure to follow these instructions could result in injury. 

7). If you are unable to fold the treadmill, strap the belt to the frame with strong zip ties or a tie down strap to ensure the elevation rack will not spring open.  

8). Secure unit thoroughly while in transit to prevent damage and injury. 

9). Safe Travels! 

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