Treadmill Electrical Requirements

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  • Most Horizon North American treadmills require 120 volts of electricity which is generated at 60HZ of alternating AC current.
  • Place your treadmill on a dedicated 15-20AMP circuit* to ensure power and avoid tripping your breaker.
  • GFCI** outlets or surge protectors are not compatible with appliances, which can cut off power posing a safety risk.
  • Plug your treadmill directly into a grounded outlet*** with no surge protectors or extension cords****.  Not doing so may void your warranty. 

Treadmill Motor Horsepower Ratings

T101 -  2.5HP

T202 -  2.75HP

7.0AT - 3.0HP

7.4AT - 3.5HP

7.8AT - 4.0HP

The stated motor Horsepower (HP/CHP) is a rating based on measurement in a test setting. It is an indication of the robustness of the motor and does not reflect the operational HP of the motor in use.


*A dedicated outlet means that no other electronic devices are sharing power from the same 15-20 AMP circuit.

**A GFCI outlet acts like a surge protector. This could cause issues including the treadmill tripping a breaker, the motor not receiving the full voltage to function properly and causing a hot motor or burning smell from your treadmill.  

***A grounded plug is three-pronged device. Please ensure your grounded wire is connected properly.

****’Extension cords for high voltage items adversely affect the performance of your treadmill posing a fire hazard and damage to the treadmill by overloading or not providing enough voltage for it to function properly.

Please contact a certified electrician for more details.



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