How to Fix Excessive Static Electricity on a Treadmill

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If you are experiencing excessive static electricity or shock from your unit, please follow the steps below.


1. Carpet:

  • Use a rubber fitness mat under your unit to reduce the static that is generated from your carpet.

2. Dry Air:

  • Use a humidifier if the unit is in a dry environment. Important: Place the humidifier in the room, but NOT next to the machine.

3. Clothing:

  • Avoid nylon clothing to reduce static electricity.
  • Use an anti-static spray on clothing and/or around the unit.
  • Try a different pair of shoes. Ensure there is no metal in the soles of your shoes and that the rubber is not worn.

4. Grounding Issue:

  • Verify the power cord is plugged into a 3-pronged outlet without adapters. 
  • Verify that the outlet is properly grounded. Contact a professional electrician to test the outlet with a digital voltmeter (such as Amprobe Socket Tester).

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