EX-59 Elliptical Operating Instructions

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Getting Started

  1. Check to make sure no objects are nearby that will hinder the movement of the elliptical.
  2. Plug in the power cord to power the elliptical ON. (Switch is located at the bottom-front of the elliptical.)
  3. Set User Weight using and press ENTER.
  4. You have the following options to start your workout:


  • Simply press GO to begin working out.
  • Time, distance and calories will all count up from zero.
  • The resistance level will default to level 1.


  1. Use to scroll through programs
  2. Press ENTER to select your desired program.
  3. Set workout level using and press ENTER.
  4. Press START to begin workout.

NOTE: You can adjust the resistance level during your workout.

Finishing your workout

When your workout is complete, the console will display “workout complete” and beep. Your workout

information will stay displayed on the console for 30 seconds and then reset.

To reset the console

Hold STOP key for 3 seconds.


Click Here for a Video on EX-59-3 Console Operation.

Click Here for a Video on EX-59-4 Console Operation and Bluetooth.


To clear the current selection

To clear the current program selection or screen, hold the stop button for 3 seconds.

Energy Saver (Standby Mode)

This machine has a special feature called Energy Saver™ mode. This mode is NOT automatically activated. When Energy Saver mode is activated, the display will automatically enter standby mode (Energy Saver mode) after 15 minutes of inactivity. This feature saves energy by disabling most power to the machine until a key is pressed on the console. This feature can be turned on or off in the engineering menu.

To enter the engineering menu, press and hold the key and key for 3-5 seconds. Use the keys to navigate through the menu to ENG 2. Press ENTER to select. Use keys to select ENRGY SVE ON or OFF. Press and hold STOP for 3-5 seconds to exit ENG 2. Press and hold STOP again for 3-5 seconds to exit the engineering menu.

Using your media player

  1. 1) Connect the included AUDIO ADAPTOR CABLE to the AUDIO IN JACK on the left of the console and the headphone
  2. jack on your media player.
  3. 2) Use your media player buttons to adjust song settings.
  4. 3) Remove the AUDIO ADAPTOR CABLE when not in use.

Click Here for a video on EX-59 Console and Bluetooth Operation

Click Here for a video on EX-59 and T101 Console Operation


Please see the attached document for supplemental information on the details the levels during the P4 (Weight Loss) and P5 (Intervals) workout programs.


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