Treadmill Heart Rate Issues

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For Grip Pulse Heart Rate readers on a Treadmill:

Check your exercise environment for sources of interference such as fluorescent lights, computers, underground fencing, home security systems or appliances containing large motors. These items may cause erratic heart rate readouts.

You may experience an erratic readout under the following conditions:

  • Gripping the heart rate handlebars too tight. Try to maintain moderate pressure while holding onto the heart rate handlebars.
  • Constant movement and vibration due to constantly holding the heart rate handlebars while exercising. If you are receiving erratic heart rate readouts, try to only hold the grips long enough to monitor your heart rate.
  • When you are breathing heavily during a workout.
  • When your hands are constricted by wearing a ring.
  • When your hands are dry or cold. Try to moisten your palms by rubbing them together to warm.
  • Anyone with heavy arrhythmia.
  • Anyone with arteriosclerosis or peripheral circulation disorder.
  • Anyone whose skin on the measuring palm is especially thick.

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