Noise While Pedaling

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Issue: Internal/external noise when pedaling, rough feel while pedaling

Resolution: Brake is rubbing against the flywheel.

  1. Magnetic brake is rubbing against the flywheel. Contact Horizon Fitness Tech Support at 1-800-244-4192.
  2. The pedals will be very difficult to move and a screeching sound may be heard when attempted. The brake should be replaced.

For a video on magnet replacement on the GR3, Please click here.

Resolution: Leveling

  1. Machine may not be on a level surface. Verify surface is level and adjust levelers on the machine as needed. Refer to your owner’s manual for location of levelers.

Resolution: Bolts

  1. Improper assembly or loose assembly bolts. Verify assembly steps using owner’s guide. Tighten all bolts used for assembly.

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