How Do I Lubricate a Treadmill Running Belt?

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Lubricate your belt every 3 months or 150 miles:

It is necessary to lubricate your treadmill running deck every three months or 150 miles to maintain optimal performance. Once the treadmill records 300 miles it will display the message “LUBE” or “LUBE BELT.” The treadmill will not operate while the message is showing. Your treadmill came with a bottle of 100% silicone lubricant, which can be used for two applications.

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Tools Needed:

  • Blue-handled T-wrench or Allen wrench
  • 100% silicone oil

Click to Reset Lube Belt Message


  1. Turn off the treadmill with the on/off switch and unplug the power cord at the wall outlet.
  2. Using the T-wrench or Allen wrench, loosen the rear roller bolts
    10-15 counter-clockwise turns. This should give the belt enough slack for you to lift it.
  3. Lift the belt as far as you can and squirt the silicone oil in a zigzag pattern across the entire running deck surface. Use 1/2 bottle of silicone lubricant. Do not apply the silicone oil on top of the running belt. Lay the running belt down and then tighten both rear roller bolts clockwise the same number of turns loosened.
  4. After you have applied lubricant, plug in the power cord, and insert the safety key. Reset the Lube Belt message by first pressing and holding the SPEED UP button, then STOP button and hold BOTH buttons for 5-7 seconds.
  5. Stay off of the machine and press START. Allow the belt to run at 3 mph for 3 minutes to begin spreading the silicone. Then walk on the machine at a comfortable speed for 3 minutes to complete spreading the silicone and to check the running belt for proper tension and alignment.
  6. Once the belt is centered and tensioned, stop the belt. Wipe any excess oil from the sides with a damp cloth.

Press any key to suspend the lubrication warning message until after your next workout. Note: Some older models may require you to hold stop for 5 seconds to suspend message for 5 miles of use.

If your treadmill has air shocks under the deck for lift assistance, lubricate the silver air shock tube with Teflon-based spray found at your local hardware or bike store.

Please contact Customer Tech Support at with questions about applying lubricant to your treadmill.

For a video about belt lubrication click here 


If you are having issues resetting the lube belt message after lubrication, please see our article on the subject here.


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