Erratic Console on Exercise Bike

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Issue: Console resets, has an erratic readout during a workout or does not show full LCD display in every window

Resolution: Batteries in Console are Weak (non-programmable models that do not plug into wall outlet).

  1. Replace the batteries in the console with fresh batteries.

Resolution: Faulty Power Adapter or No Power

  1. Verify the correct power adapter is being used (if applicable)
  2. Check the power source to verify proper voltage and the plug is secure

Resolution: Console Connection

  1. If necessary, unplug bike from wall outlet. Wait 60 seconds.
  2. Remove the four screws that hold the console on the mast.
  3. Verify that the console’s wiring connection points are securely connected and not loose.
  4. Reassemble the console, plug in the bike if necessary and check issue.

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