How do Horizon treadmills track data for individual users?

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User profiles are available on 7.0AT, 7.4AT, 7.8AT, T202*, and T303 treadmills.

How do I change the User profile on my Horizon treadmill?

The console saves user weight for each user profile.

7.0AT, 7.4AT, 7.8AT, and T303 treadmills also have custom interval buttons that you can program and save to your user profile. To program an interval button:

  1. Select a user.
  2. Start the machine.
  3. Set the desired speed and incline, and then press and hold the desired interval button for three seconds until the treadmill beeps. Now the interval button is programmed to your settings. After the interval button is programmed, it will remember the setting for your user profile until reprogrammed. (Refer to the section “How to Program and Use Custom Interval Buttons” in your owner’s manual for more information.)

7.0AT, 7.4AT, and 7.8AT Interval Buttons:


T303 Interval Buttons:


Note: Using the free, downloadable AFG app will enable you to control your treadmill or elliptical’s operating functions via your device and introduce new features—including additional user profile settings, a workout history summary, and the option to connect partner apps. (Please see the AFG app owner’s manual for more information.)

AFG App Manual

How Do I Connect the AFG Pro App to a Horizon Treadmill or Elliptical? – Horizon Fitness

*User profiles are only available on T202-03 (TM685) and TM202-04 (TM726) treadmills. T202-06 (TM1030) treadmills do not have user profiles.

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